Sunday, December 16, 2007

cats....are crazy; but kittens are psycho

was in the car.... again. Went to pick up dd from work at the kennel. it was getting cold and dark. she ran to the car with something in her arms.... a spare passenger..... a kitten. um yea.

the traffic on the road had scared it and it was cold and hungry. so we brought it home & put it in a crate with some food/water and a disposable aluminum pan as a littler box. posted it on freecycle to find a new home for it as there are not any residences close by.

this thing is a trip, lol. the dog got to come in last night as it was suppose to get to 32 degrees. he is doing his best to ignore the kitten, however since she is a psycho kitty, it is a little hard. the kitten who would fuzz up and FFFZTTT! at the dog from 5 ft away has now morphed into kitty kamikazi warrior mode and thinks she is going to pounce on the dog and conquor it. poor dog, he just turns his head slowly.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

They Did it Again!

Whoop! Another mom just called me from the car.... on the way back from our h.s. football team playoff game. Score was 66-21. We're going to state - Baby!

Now that is a road trip I wouldn't mind. We play Pflugerville in the State playoffs next weekend.

Monday, December 03, 2007

The Moose steals Christmas.......

is over. DS -the big bad wolf made an appearance and it went ok...... being add/adhd he had to add a little impromptu dancing on the state, but we made it thru ok. The pastor emailed the pics to us in adobe or I would post some with the blog. The highlight was 3 of the elder men at the church dressed as tooth fairy's in pink tights, shorts and assorted glitter and boas.... complete with cowboy boots. Oh yea, they are as great as you imagine.
The gist was that the Moose, Marty who makes an appearance every Sunday morning in a skit for the kids ( and the adults) steals all of the holidays and assorted characters from literature and fairy tales. There was a dancing chicken, the wicked witch and Dorothy, Goldilocks and the three bears, Darth Vader ( my older ds none the less) a 6' 4 leprechaun, and a group of singing cows , two angels and Joseph, Mary & Jesus. The characters were all freed as Jesus died on the cross to save all of us from our sins.