Sunday, June 20, 2010

been a little busy lately....

trying to keep this bone safe enough to heal. see, it was broken in August and it required a 4 inch piece of metal and six screws to mend it.  Sadly after several months, it has to be removed, ending my sons fantasies of a wolverine like existance.  It also required a really cool orthopedic that took a picture during surgery and emailed it to me from his i-phone while he was giving me the update on how everything went.  so they also autoclaved the hardware they removed and my son can display it proudly.  *boys*  After the surgery he was in a surgi strip bandage and also a splint. I know this because I havespent way too much time yelling PUT THAT BACK ON! geez, kid.   So now we had the follow up friday and have prgressed to  a removable brace and the fight is still on.  He can play sports  and will be able to swim in another 10 days, but he can NOT lift anything more than 5 lbs.  He is still so enamored with his height, he grabs ahold of anything that can remotely resemble a pull up bar... and my heart stops... then he lets go and it starts again.

If he ever makes it to adultood he should make a pretty fun dad.

Happy Father's Day.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

the transformation begins...

been up for awhile. the son gets the 4 in metal plate and 6 screws removed from his arm today.  *sigh* he will be just mere mortal again.  I have threatened him within an inch of his life if he doesn't e.x.a.c.t.l.y. follow the Dr's orders - no push /pull for 3 months. 

Umm, he's 14.  "All boy." 

you sure you won't put this kid in a brace? cast, anything for the first 6 weeks?  *tap, tap * Hello, this thing on?  This Dr clearly doesn't have a teenager.  especially one that thinks metal in the arm = cool in a crazy wolverine sort of way. 

I am glad they didn't  remake the 6 million dollar man yet.  By the way, I saw his ad recently for a hearing aid.  That was just all wrong.

I definitely cant let him watch Edward Scissorhands... i wouldn't be able to find anything in my house to cut a coupon  or a stray thread to save my life.


it's what they do.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Too many May's!

Okay, so things are a little busy. Updating my blog has been one of the last things on my mind.
Just returned from the Dr with my 14 year old, and he may or may not be having surgery next Wednesday to remove the 4 inch place and the 6 screws from his arm that he broke in August.  ( Keep in mind he broke that wrist in May before that and the other arm my daughters prom weekend the April before that. That weekend I learned my mom radar is good, but may or may not be honed on the right kid...)

So he may or may not have to take his finals early.  I am fairly sure the Jr high is rejoicing this is his last year.

He may or may not have to reschedule surgery from 6/2 to 6/7. 

This is depending on whether or not we can have the preliminary test done before surgery.  He has taken to passing out after his drill and PT( physical training)  When you are 6'3 and stand up in your 11x10 bedroom, and pass out, you are going to hit something.  Bed, walls, furniture, door frames... so this weekend or sooner I will be removing the captain's bed for his own safety.

So, due to his lack of enthusiasm for curricular activities there may or may not be summer school... to which he cannot attend with a freshly Swiss cheesed arm.


edited to add:  things are working out, I wrote this last week and saved it  instead  of posting. heart tests this week as ordered by pediatrician.  Then surgery,  next week.  then, there may or may not be summer school the next week.