Sunday, June 20, 2010

been a little busy lately....

trying to keep this bone safe enough to heal. see, it was broken in August and it required a 4 inch piece of metal and six screws to mend it.  Sadly after several months, it has to be removed, ending my sons fantasies of a wolverine like existance.  It also required a really cool orthopedic that took a picture during surgery and emailed it to me from his i-phone while he was giving me the update on how everything went.  so they also autoclaved the hardware they removed and my son can display it proudly.  *boys*  After the surgery he was in a surgi strip bandage and also a splint. I know this because I havespent way too much time yelling PUT THAT BACK ON! geez, kid.   So now we had the follow up friday and have prgressed to  a removable brace and the fight is still on.  He can play sports  and will be able to swim in another 10 days, but he can NOT lift anything more than 5 lbs.  He is still so enamored with his height, he grabs ahold of anything that can remotely resemble a pull up bar... and my heart stops... then he lets go and it starts again.

If he ever makes it to adultood he should make a pretty fun dad.

Happy Father's Day.

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