100 things....or maybe just 10.

100 random facts  :P
I so totally like that idea rather than some kind of page with a bunch of run-on sentances. This idea is hardly original, but I have seen it so many places I am just going to credit:  all y'all.

1. in construction ( me and the blog )
2. I love my kids.
3. Casting Crowns is something I am really enjoying right now. They are in College Station on  4/30/10.
4. I will be at work.
5. this is really hard..
6. I meet some of the most awesome people... and I love my friends...
7. I don't know how to make real gravy... without a packet, but I will try it.
8. I like LURVE to read, but seldom take the opportunity anymore. I had a real thirst for reading as a kid.
9. my potatoes are probably boiling over as I type this
10. I think 10 is enough..