Friday, January 29, 2010

Balmex.... powder and other emergencies

you have to check this out I am loving the knife giveway she is sponsoring, but what I truly relate too is
Yep. been there. A two year old that painted every part of his body with Balmex when he was supposed to be napping. Leaving only eye holes and the flesh under his diaper that was flesh toned. He is thirteen now about to be fourteen - and for the life of me I cant remember how many baths it took to get it off of him....

Sunday, January 03, 2010

still hanging in there....

Well, I must say I am shocked... I really had my doubts.... I mean serious doubts... but, it's still there, hanging by a wire. I really liked what it turned into as I was twisting and tucking - and now I can't seem to take it down though... I think it might have to stay up a few days longer.

My record for leaving the decorations up was Superbowl weekend. That was a long time ago... but it may get challended this year.