Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Music to live by?

Test. I think I am back in the land of the living. Whew.

There's a story comin'... I promise. It starts in the car.... where else?
Nope, still sane. Hear me out. I don't know about you guys; but if we have to be Super Moms, then why not have a theme song? (And yea, that is antiquated terminology & thought, but if so....Why the heck didn't our list get any shorter?)

I have recently decided that I should have theme music. Actually - if ya wanna know the full story - more like a soundtrack. So that got me thinking... what would the soundtrack of my life be? There are so many things - I would have to have a few volumes at least, God willing. But humm.... What about you - what would you put on yours?
Feel free to leave comments :)ok, ummm please leave a comment? (even if it is to correct my typing - rofl.... no that isnt a paid position sorry :P)

Monday, March 03, 2008


UP. AWAKE. Getting closer to being rid of the stupid bug that I have been ill with. It's messing with my sleep, so I have started picturing him ( and yes..... it MUST be a him) as a close cousin to Mr Mucus of the Mucinex commercials. Yea... click it. Ha. Click on "Meet Mr Mucus". Uh-huh. He's a snarky, slimy little thing. This bug has me annoyed.I'm thinking I should have paid a little more attention to the commercials, instead of sticking with the normal cold remedy I have come to rely on as it didn't work. at all.
AT ALL! Cause what started out as a "little trouble with my sinuses, thank you" has morphed into a huge pain in the rear. I mean Hello! What do you think my sinus cavities and lungs are a primo vacation spot? NOT. And let me tell you when my daughter woke up yesterday with another version of the crud she was almost clear of & I hightailed it to walgreens. Yea, for those of you that dont have your vernacular stuck in the 50's of Rural Hill Country Texas it means I grabbed a 20, and keys from the little pile on the dresser and jumped in the car to get my daughter some medicine. Deciding to get something much more effective this go round, I quickly grabbed the drug fact card from the shelf and proceeded to take it to the pharmacy counter not realizing I had forgot my liscense that was laying there too. or, maybe it wasn't..... AWW MAN! Since I now think I dropped it the day before when I stopped for gas and have just realized it, and now the fact that the pharmacy doesnt open till 10 am, is deffinately gonna make me miss church after several weeks of hookey, I called my husband who came to my rescue ( mumble mumble, thank you, mumble mumble) and....with a steaming cup of coffee in his hand. LAAAAAAAAAAAAA.............the skys parted, and I am pretty sure birds were singing.

So, ummm yeah. Since I try to be a law abiding citizen, I know the medication had moved behind the counter, and that there was suppose to be limits on the number of boxes that you are able to purchase... however.... I didnt realize that your id is entered into a computer linked to this little box. forever. and, there are monthly limits- as in LIMIT- meaning 1. So, I have been batteling this crud for over a month, cause I fought him off for 3 weeks before I succumbed to the little bugger. I start asking questions. I wanted to make sure that I got the right stuff. and enough of it after she mentioned the law, like we are suppose to be able to quote it. So, now my poor hubby is subjected to the scrutiny of the "counter intelligence" as she is moving her eyes back and forth between us. I am offended. Then I look at her, and say "When you are a law abiding citizen, you are not going to be familiar with the restrictions and know how to get around the medication restrictions. I just want to make sure I purchase enough medication to get over this horrible nastiness. I wasn't well acquainted with several of the brands offered, so questions should be expected so that we could make an informed decision". Ok, since I still wasnt feeling well, most of that sentance came out ok, the last half wasn't quite that smooth... so that has to be factored in also, and since it was Walgreens she may or not get that.

I uhh didn't get my soapbox out for this cause I was still a little dizzy.... but oh well...