Thursday, January 31, 2008

Better Communication through Technology! ??!??

"driving" and "think" and you will find references to articles listing 75% of adults think texting should be illegal while driving while 56% admit to using texting while driving" or "_% of adults think that the drunk driving laws need to be tougher" What you dont expect to see is a webpage for a little gizmo called the Driving LED Emoticon Humm. There are enough blond stands in my auburn hair to allow a litttle ditzyness when driving, but really; I can see this is a terrible idea.

The copy says "better communication thru technology",and the paragraph detailing the device starts with "When you're driving your car there are times when a single finger gesture can perfectly express your sentiments to a fellow vehicle operator. Although this is a relatively efficient form of non-verbal communication, we would like to present a device that brings some technology to the table"
This is brought to you by web retalier known as Think Geek: Stuff for the Smart Masses. In lieu of commenting on the previous sentance, I instead will provide the following. I just included the
AAA Texas Road Rage — How to Avoid Aggressive Driving
When the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety studied more than 10,000 incidents of violent aggressive driving committed between 1990 and 1996, it found that at least 218 people were killed and another 12,610 injured when drivers got angry.
How can you avoid being the victim of an aggressive driver? While there are no sure techniques, three basic guiding principles can help:
Don't Offend
Cutting Off
Driving slowly in the left lane.
Don't Engage
Steer Clear
Avoid Eye Contect
Get Help
Adjust your Atttitude
Forget Winning
Put Yourself in the Other Drivers Shoes
If you think you have a problem ask for help

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