Friday, February 01, 2008

"Gec Ba N er ha a menit" aka Mom speak version # 84

Jumped back in the car to run an errand earlier, and realized that there are so many different versions of mom talk. Moms usually do many things at once and talking while their hands, mouths and/or both are one of them. I pulled into the parking space and after my daughter opened the door, the cold gust of wind blew in and I didn't let the fact that I had my hand full putting my hair into a fresh ponytail and my cell phone in my mouth stop me. As I was attempting to communicate it flashed into my head how ridiculous I must look -and sound. Tip- if you are target of such conversation tactics, refrain from mentioning how silly we sound, as clueless as you think we are-we are aware of this. Oh, and - if you are the target of the conversation - just go along with it and act like we're making perfect sense.

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