Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Mid Winters Night Dream....

I wake up with remembering something my dad told me once.  

if you spell S O C K S  it has  meaning in Spanish.   I ask, what does it mean...?   He tells me to ask my  Spanish teacher...   She said It didn't mean anything. 

So after waking up to the memory I take to Google.
I find  it isnt literally translated but it means something like :
Eso si que es means "That's what it is"
There is a old joke I found online.

A Spanish-speaker with no knowledge of English goes into a clothing store. He looks like he needs help so a lady who's working goes up and asks if she can help him with anything. He says "No English" but the nice lady wants to help him anyways, so she leads him to the mens' clothing section. Holds up a shirt and asks if it's what he needs. "No, eso no. Necesito calcetines." he says trying to explain with gestures. She brings him to the trousers. "Is this what you need?" "No, eso no. Calcetines." he repeats again trying to gesture better so she will understand. Finally, the lady thinks she's got it. She leads him to the socks. "Socks? S - O - C - K - S? Is *this* what you need?" And the man happily replies, "¡Eso sí que es!"

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