Thursday, February 10, 2011


I  have been meaning to post, I really have.  I have had a sick kiddo since Christmas and  in the month following  we made 4 trips to the er - two from the camp he attended out of town the week between Christmas and New Years and he was hospitalized once.... so  I have been a little busy with doctors appointments and tests and scans and etc. He had a GI scope which was a party mostly due to the anesthesia - let me tell you.  I will post on that later.  I will just say I am so glad I wasn't alone with the boy in recovery.  For all intents and purposes he is 6'5 and wasn't too intent on staying in the bed, but couldn't master sitting up straight or anything else for awhile.

We had the " ice storm " here in the Houston area, which didn't materialize quite the way it was prophesied by the Meteorologist. We had another round of cold weather aka ARTIC BLAST - but picture those words the way they are displayed on TV  in  ALL CAPS complete  ith icicles hanging off of them  - that presents  a much more dramatic effect.  Cause All CAPS ice blue lettering just doent give the full effect of the impending doom that is the ARTIC WINDS set to invade Texas and prettymuch end all life as we know it...   At 2pm yesterday,  it was 24 degrees according to my vehicle, which is pretty smart. We were without power from 3pm until after 8pm? I am not exactly sure when power was restored.  Cold, dark and hungry, I decided to hibernate and I slept thru the return of  glorious electricity.  When I got up this am  it was 24 degrees with windchill feeling like 15 degrees.  I have a friend in the Netherlands and it is warmer there ...  it is suppose to get into the 40's today.  I just checked  at  The high is suppose to be 42, this afternoon and tonight 21. Humm, means probably no power this evening due to the agency in charge of buying power for Texas.

South East Texas is just not suppose to be that cold y'all...

Maybe if I have power  later I will post about The almost fire at  The Walmarts later.

 it will be worth a return trip, I promise.


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  1. Aww, hope kiddo 's doing better. Isn't it horrible seeing them ill. We want to take it on ourselves, don't we...if we could take it from them. x


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