Saturday, January 24, 2009

Things are a changin' - seriously!

I decided that my blog is horribly not creative..... Do you have any ideas???
So as I sit dog watching and teen monitoring ( in addition to my own) this weekend while DH is at the deer lease working.. I thought I could, you know.... fiddle.....




  1. log into blogger dashboard, click on layout then at the top you will see header with the word edit. click on that. You can upload any photo into your header (in place of words or set behind words). I would also Google-- free blogger templates and see what you find there. Lots of free stuff on the web! No need to spends lots of money. Like your photo or woman driving. too funny!

  2. Thanks so very much! Yea, I could really identify with her when I started my blog last year. After surfing several sites I found some really cool pages I posted a example of what I started with.
    But look Lady -I've got a serious pie problem after looking at your latest post. You have Mad Crust skills girl!


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