Saturday, January 24, 2009

.....see how she runs

Not having any photoshop software made it difficult, so I had to settle what I found on the web. At Free Web Page Headers I found the picture for the header. I saw this cute background at The Cutest Blog on the Block! and even figured out how to insert a line break in the coding of heading... moving the sentance around so the it wouldn't run over into the picture( no small miracle, folks - seriously. I can barely use my remote)

Thanks :)
edited to add:
I am really just trying to take my mind off of the fact my DH has been out of town for awhile.... and that my friend asked me to keep tabs on her teens while she is househunting... in another country. And the neighbor's dog.... is here as they went to the deer lease too.....
So, let me know what you think.... I just had the plain old standard black background with no frills as pictured in the last post..... now I have added the background, and a fantastic photo , of a well traveled piece of concrete...

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