Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Lose Something? A 2 for 1 post Not Me Monday and Tuesdays Truth

A 2 for 1 post Not Me Monday and Tuesdays Truth

Here is a picture at Christmas of the partial crowd that was in and around a neighbor's driveway waiting on Santa Claus to arrive by firetruck. I think the procession was just rounding the corner.

I love my neighborhood, for the most part. If I have to live in a neighborhood, and not on a few acres, at least we picked a good one (with a little assistance-thank you Cheryl with Coldwell Banker) Our neighborhood is older with a mix on our street of infants to retirees and we know more of our neighbor's names than not...
It 's really awesome when you are the mother of teenagers and VOT's ( very old teens ) to be able to see toddlers in action. We see the wonder of discovering something new and the agony of defeat when things don't go their way - meltdowns? Yep, I have seen a few, toddlers and their parents meltdowns too. I usually am reminded of something my own children did at a similar age and laugh or get lost in a quick trip down memory lane. 

Last week I was struggling ( yes, sometimes it becomes a physical struggle) to get my 14 yr old son out of the house in time for school.  The Giant. All 6'3 size 15 shoe wearing boy.  I don't even remember what he did, said, broke, provoked, etc, but some frustrated mother managed to loose it on my driveway and have a meltdown of her own... 

Yea, umm, Not me.

Apparently the two neighbors ( of the toddlers I find entertaining)  found that highly entertaining and told me the next day they couldn't stop laughing. I'll pass that along if I see her again, which, regretfully, I am sure will be in the near future.

                                          My new motto courtesy of a bumper sticker: 
                                Grandchildren are the reward for not strangling your teenagers. 

Philippians 4:4-9

Peace Out.

Alright, please join the fun and post below. Time for Tuesdays Truths.

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