Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Tuesdays Truth

My Pastor is on my Facebook.
I really appreciate the little church I attend even if I have missed the last 3 weeks, lol.
so y'all, he he posts these little gems of truth.

One from this week:

How do you know if you're out of God’s will? You planned to be out of God’s will! We don't accidentally slip out of the will of God Each and every one of us knows the basics of God's will for our life God directs us to specific people places and actions These things are where God’s blessings await us Yet, we insist in... going the wrong direction because of some insignificant inconvenience or some self-indulgent desire

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Humm, so as i am redirecting myself toward the right path and making the right decisions, the obstacles I have to overcome were firmly placed there by me as a result of my bad decisions... I got there all by myself...    However, if I gave them to God instead of trying to stubbornly trying to fix them my self my load would be a little lighter. For me that is difficult, I think I am going to have to physically write them and leave them ... or burn them in the barbeque pit...

C'mon, don't be bashful... post a truth.   Me and Cookie are the only ones in the pool right now. Come on in, the waters fine!

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