Wednesday, November 21, 2007


If I have neglected to mention it before I have "Numbius Heinnifferous Syndrome" It is a variety of the Heiney Numbius Trappedious Syndrome. The term heinnifferous is typically reserved for those that have larger areas affected. It only flares up occasionally, and today is going to be one of those days. There is not much funding for research but the leading cause is thought to be lenghtly time trapped behind the wheel shuttling passengers and cargo.

I have to get kids to school. Then pick one up from school take him, into the city for a doctors appointment then rush back, picking up the others as today is early dismissal for thanksgiving, then drive one to meet their uncle out past the south side of Houston so he can ride with him to visit his mom for thanksgiving. Back home, then locate dd and take her to work. YEEHAW! It going to be a 300 miler for sure. Now in frequent mom miles - that has got to be worth at least 5 minutes alone in the bathroom uninterrupted. Somewhere, during the day, I know that my cell phone is going to ring non stop espicially if I get slowed down by traffic. And what about when you are zipping down the road and turn up a catchy tune, to not hear the cell phone ring. Why do they offer us all of these different varieties of ring tones? They really should just give us a ring tone that starts out MOM! MOOOOOMMMMM! MOTHERRRRRRR! We know it well.

So if this has touched your hearts in any way feel free to make a donation to combat Numbius Heinefferous Syndrome. Send all contributions to me and they will go toward emancipating a young driver in my area. lol.
I am off and running!

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