Wednesday, November 21, 2007


In order for my rambelings to make sense you need to read this post and the next one in time order, in other words backwards :D

"(11/20/07 tues after school: "pack your bag now." so you dont have to do it tomorrow." this am - "is your bag ready?" UMMMM, I uh dont have a bag. )
Umm - time is of the essence here - I have been fielding calls all week from "the others" to estimate my arrival time into the drop zone. well, now it is "I get there when I get there."

well before i even get out of the house, the trip and passengers are growing. take one to school, fill up truck. rush back pick up the other two , head to school - take corner on two wheels to try to beat the tardy bell. At least when they are in high school they have stopped screaming and just hang on :) then go back home get ready pick up the 1st one tke to houston to doctor, rush back , pick up other kids, for early dismissal,. fight the crowd like a salmon swimming upstream to get INTO the school on a holiday early dismissal day to trek to the principals office to pay fine for and retrieve a cell phone that was taken up yesterday. get back to the car, go by the house allowing 3 minutes to pick up "the bag" get last load of undershirts out of dryer and add to clothes crammed in bag ( betya a dollar that they are wadded in there.........yep i won that one.) knowing that 1/2 of all clothing in said will never return. Up to this point , had a couple of calls and found the other ds was getting to go vist his dad for the holiday - the kicker was were we going to be able to complete the "hand off" lol. so quickly let ds grab clothes to take in the event that this can happen. get back in the car drop the 2 extra passengers at the mall, get onthe road to meet his Uncle to take him the rest of the way to his mothers for Thanksgiving. Stop on the way after several calls, Meet the XH at a gas station , gt back on the road and continue. Get there........... andwait. and....wait some more. Turn around, come back thru Houston ( IS there time for a Chachos shrimp taco? - gotta love a drive thru) Pick up the kids at the mall, drop one off at work, then take the other one home, then home myself..... then phase two kicks in , lol.

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