Wednesday, April 28, 2010

See How She Cooks?? Umm, no thanks...

I created a new page for keeper recipes... you can find it at see-how-she-cooks. Since I have made a few things in the last year that I have lost recipes for, that the VOT (Very Old Teen) missed while she was out with friends- this seemed like a great idea. Thinking back, ther have been some pretty good dishes come out of my kitchen in the last few months with accolades from OT's ( other teens) even some that dont't belong to me! I was monitoring for mannered responses, however they asked for additional portions and quickly finished those off as well...

Ha! Take that (VOT)! She had walked by briefly on the way out the door, with the nose turned up at this particular dish.  CAN YOU SMELL WHAT "THA" MOM IS COOKIN'?

My VOT( very old teen) said the other day: "Why are you making that tonight?" to which my reply was that it used ingredients that I had on hand. (VOT): "Why not go buy a mix instead of making something?" Me: "That is wasteful, besides you don't like hamburger/tuna  h**p*r or anything like it, so what do you propose that I purchase? ( Seriously, what mix is left,  a can of manw*ich or pancake mix?  To which the reply would most certainly be  ... well, yea! )


Today, on the menu is: Laundry Detergent.... sorry kids.  And a visit to the dentist I have named Atila. Hope she doesn't take my little nickname personal. then workthe evening shift for 8 hours.  Never fear, VOT, sandwiches are in your future.

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