Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Smooth Move Exlax - Not me Monday's!

Yep. I didn't write about my kids last Thursday... and I definitely didn't include lyrics to a song reminding him

.... "Instead of being angry, I'm gonna throw my arms around them and I'll say: In the sunlight or the rain, brightest nights or darkest days, I'll always - feel the same way. Whatever road you may be on, know you're never too far gone. My love is there, whatever you may be"

.... only to be tested the v.e.r.y. next day by him trying to play the timeless laxative/chocolate trick while I was in virtual training for my new job aka chained to a computer) and on the same day we had just received some really serious news for our family (like "in this economy" type of news. big stuff. that this kid was TOTALLY unaware of. And I sure didn't forget how to laugh at that instead of being aggravated....Nope. Not me.

Postscript ( Tuesday's Truth: A day later it became slightly funnier as he apparently got his piles of chocolate mixed up and found his little plan "backfired" on him... He was late to school that morning as he was doubled over with stomach cramps and when I called his coach to let him know what happened, I thought he was going to fall over laughing. He said that was the funniest thing he has ever heard in all of his years of working with kids. I owe him for being able to see the humor in that situation. Thank God for placing these people in our lives. One more thing, if you would kindly consider today’s post - there is a new category or theme I wanted tot start, but it needs your participation, I know this is a big step considering I don’t have any followers of my blog, but I have faith in the people that may cross this page, from wherever they may come. If you are enjoying the music, I recommend popping out the player (see the buttons right under it) and opening it in a separate window, this way you can mute each page as you browse.

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