Saturday, February 14, 2009

Good Gracious she's Googling Again!

You know.... they just roll their eyes at me.....

I ummm you know am not quite 40, but am really two steps from the edge of the cliff close.
You know, the age where if you asked your parent what a word was, the inevitable response was... "Go look it up in the dictionary." and if you were lucky you had a set of encyclopedias to check as well... or the alternative was a trip to either the school library or the local public branch.
Hey, I try to keep up with the times, slightly... so being such a "trendy momma" when they ask me that I say "Google it". I get more heat for this...

I can't even finish my sentence...they start waving their arms and being comedians..

"We know google it!" Oh Yeah.... the're REALfunny. I remember thinking how cool it would be when they got finally got past knock knock jokes in 1st grade and the hilarity that would ensue.... Ummm - hummm.... makes ya long for a knock knock joke. Just you wait... I am going to get one of those new fangled recording de-vices so you can see what I have to deal with..

I'll post it here.

Silly kids.You know you think they would know better then to mess with a momma who wore "toughskins". Yep. You know the ones- the greens ones ya just "hadta" have. The lesser of the evils of that round Sears rack you were forced to spend perusing on a sweaty Saturday afternoon at Sears.
So what do you catch heat from your brood for?

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