Friday, February 06, 2009

Lots of mistakes......

So my DD took a class last year in high school. Child & Family blah blah something. Should have known this would be trouble.
This is my creative organized child with just a tad of OCD.
A really responsible, yet sometimes slightly annoying girl, but ya' know.. That combo kinda works :D
So, uh, she said I really like this class. I have learned a bunch of things....and , stops mid sentence and says "You have done a lot of things wrong as a parent."

Naw...Really? .... "Dear; that's a given, but thank you for sharing."
What else can you do...? Feign surprise? "Who me?" Please! I had to bite my lip as I tried not to laugh uncontrollably. Cause you know once you start thinking of all the things you have done your not going to be able to stop for a while and then the tears start rolling down your face and please, please don't let a snort sneak in there cause you know it gets you revved up again....

Oh Boy! I have managed to make alot of errors, but I think I have managed not to pass "the curse" along.... You know the big one we all got as kids.... When one day your mother was at her limit and said rather loudly.... "I hope one day you get a child that is twice as stubborn as you!" In fact if I remember correctly, it was said on several occasions...
Ummmm. yeah Mom? about that..... those were some mighty strong words. Knowing my mother I reckon it was probably said as a prayer. My Mom musta had a direct line to heaven... with God on speed dial....

So Moms... Does it stack? I mean do you get stubborn to the 7th power? I hope not! I'm not so good at math.

Mistakes?.... Lots of 'em. Today? Yep, plenty. They ain't gonna be the last either.

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