Thursday, February 05, 2009

That's IT!

Ok..... this is sooo not fair. I'm an ok height.... now width? Umm let's save that for later. 5'8 - decent.

Didn't ever think I would feel short.....

till my baby walked up between the neighbor & I while we were chattin'. She looks right at him, and said " Well, now your taller then me! And I'm 5'8." I do a double take.....Yep, here he grows again!

How, can I give him "the eyebrow"? I just don't think it is gonna be as effective when he is looking down at me... Good Gracious.... we havent even made it to 8th grade yet...

Maybe I can try stilts...So not gonna work - I think that one defies the laws of physics... or Tom Cruise style wedges..nah. I'd turn an ankle.


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  1. Your photo still cracks me up! Look when they get that tall you skip the brow and go straight for the knees. If you are lucky they will wobble a bit, but not suffer a serious injury! It worked on my brother who towered over me.


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