Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Request.

My child's in pain.(Read here.)

This is the child who has never had a day of detention, let alone a broken bone. This is my child that goes to college, works full time, and has two part time jobs...

This is my sweet girl that wanted to be a vet from the age of 5 when we saw a flattened squirrel on the road during a post Thanksgiving Day Dinner walk. She thought she needed to give it CPR. I was able to catch her before she reached him. Her career goals have changed but her heart hasn't.

The broken collarbone, the assortment of "goose eggs" all over her body, the minor cuts and scratches & the slivers of glass we are picking out of her are all temporary.

The speed limit on the road was 60mph. I asked the state trooper if there were skid marks, and he said no.

She is able to feel her injuries - Thank you Lord; as I can't imagine the alternative.

I am grateful that the fire dept and ems were so close... I think they were at the scene in less then two minutes. I am grateful for her co-worker from the vet clinic that was at the scene of the accident shortly thereafter. Thank you Lord for sending such skilled people to tend to my child.
I haven't told her the other driver was transferred. She was very upset when she realized she was in her 70's. When should I tell her?
As a Momma I have done all I can for my sweet Alyssa, making sure she has her medicine through the night, and is as comfortable as can be.... I have no control over the situation, or the other driver - but I can request prayer. I don't know her name, all I know is the collision was in Fulshear TX on FM 359 at approx 5:30 pm central Saturday,but every prayer is greatly appreciated. Please Lord, be with her and her family.
Thank you,

Alyssa's Momma


  1. WOW - I could not imagine and I am praying for both women...yet God is blessing as they are both still here. God is able and thankful that He answers prayer!!! God Bless Sister...


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