Monday, March 09, 2009

Three facts at 3:59 A.M.

I'm awake. blink.blink.
I'm definitely a city girl.
I don't do 'critters'. none. at all. period. Okay, some are OK. But no geckos. the whole transparency thing? Eww - that grosses me out. And cows...but thats just common sense. They're huge.

Now I have had the pleasure of hearing rain on a tin roof... and other nice natur-ey sounds... and other not so nice sounds... like the occasional squirrel in the attic.
and big beautiful trees are really nice, but they have friends y'all.
And some are a little scary. stalkerish even. Is there a squirrel union? Or squirrel mafia? Cause there are some good candidates on my street...

I awoke to quite a ruckus this am. Not the usual odd noise, nope. This was a full on assault of my piece of mind. In.the.wall. In. people. Not on the roof, on the fence, but in the wall just three feet from my head. I just hope he made it back out. for both our sakes. Maybe he went down the chimmney.. I don't have alot of accuracy after three hours of sleep.

I want go back to sleep. can't stay awake.. Not today... I have work, a meeting with all of the teachers, a parent's meeting for the team. and more work. dinner....and coffee. Lots of coffee. Because.

What if this happens?

I think I might be unconscious before it is all over. This is reminding me of that Ray Stevens song- you can click here if your under 35, or just not sure what I am referring to..

After the sermon in church yesterday, why am I surprised by this? (Disclaimer: due to my inability to process Daylight savings time,and a hyper 13 year old, I didn't hear the sermon in it's entirety. What I did catch was good.)

I think I am just going to have a little quiet time this am, since it was scheduled for me. By a squirrel.

Edited to add: I was lead to this.
The hectic pace of life and the constant presence of other people often consipre to stifle joy. Spritual masters among us have used solitude as a means of self-renewal. Solitude and silence are often commanded in the Bible. "Be still before the Lord." (Zech. 2.:13) "Be silent before the Soverign Lord. (Zeph 1:7 NIV)

and this.
Seize the day and don't worry!
"This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it. (Psalm 1:18-24)
I'm seizing God. Not worrying about the squirrel. Although, it may result in a revival if he decides to make an appearance thru my chimney. That may not be a bad thing.

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