Sunday, October 24, 2010

now thats tired.

Working late, then getting up early does catch up.  I was so tired, when the alarm went off one morning, I  was trying to think /dream about PB&J sandwiches, but I was for some reason was dreaming about them as as PB&L sandwiches.  I was a whole two letters off. 

Tomorrow is the last day to sign up for the $20.00 credit at Rue La la, a collection of amazing boutiques where each is open for a limited time. You can click below for a 20.00 credit that will appear in your account within 48 hours and can be used until December 31st. They have some great items and such a variety of boutiques. Shipping cost is 9.99 for standard shipping and is all day shipping, so any other purchases the same day ship standard for free.  Sign up with this link for the 20.00 credit and when you use it, I receive a 10.00 credit - and you can sign up to do to the same thing. You can save some money on some great Christmas gifts!

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  1. LOL, I kinda wonder how a PB&L would taste? If it's less fating, I'm all in.Don't you just love how the Lord has women designed, from duck till dawn we are up and at it. God bless our lives.

    LOL try and get rest Bonnie.


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