Tuesday, October 19, 2010

the silence is deafening

My son left for the school bus at 6:30 am and my husband left a few minutes later.  He is starting a new job today after being unemployed since April.   Amen.

the house is so quiet.

edited to add:   after arriving he completed new hire paperwork, and wasnt able to work in that position due to a minor surgery he had a year ago.  So he is back to looking for work.  Prayers are appreciated - for everyone affected by this economy.   I am fortunate to work at home as a customer service agent.  I speak to people nightly that are hurting in this economy.  On my heart this week: a lady in GA that is recovering from an illness whose employment was cut back.  Her monthly income was reduced to 551.00. Her rent is 550.00 and the landlord isn't willing to renegotiate.  

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  1. Oh boy....what a reminder to us to pray for those out of work. Will remember you, and others.
    The recession has hit us over here too, but so far, we have been so fortunate. Hubby is still hard at work. I am too, but it's just at home so doesn't count!
    Love, Anne in Scotland x


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